City Runs

10k’s and Toe’s

April 15, 2009 - Pete and Harry

The past 8 weeks seems to have passed by very quickly and in 6 weeks time we'll be off to France for the first races of the season. As a result, March was supposed to be spent focusing more on speed work before bashing out what we hoped would be a very fast 10k at Eastleigh. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to make it to the start of March as late February I felt a niggle in one of my toes which seemed to keep constantly dislocating. I haven't really been injured for a couple of years but after a week of being in pain every time I walked I realised this was a bit more serious than I first though! Ironically, my 2nd smallest toe meant I couldn't run for nearly 4 weeks which meant any hope of a fast time at Eastleigh was down the drain. I was even forced to miss the last Westward league which resulted in Cornwall AC pipping us to the senior men's title.

Harry and Pete

I managed to start running again 5 days prior to Eastleigh and decided to head up with Harry and give it a go. To cut a long story short my race lasted approximately 4k before deciding to call it a day and not risk aggravating the injury any further. Harry faired slightly better and did record a PB but still not what he was hoping for.

Pulling out did give me chance to watch some of the race and it really did open my eyes to a few things. Firstly, considering this is one of the fastest 10k's in the country the standard of running was very poor. Only 3 guys under 31 minutes and only 10 under 32 is not a great advertisement for British running. The one thing that did amaze me was how content athletes were to sit in a group and not work. I'm sure most people go to races like this to record a good time, whether than be 32 minutes or 42 minutes, it's all about achieving personal goals. However, numerous athletes were happy to be dragged round and then try to out sprint the other runners in their group instead of working together and helping everyone, including them run a faster time!

Anyway, enough of a rant, time to attempt running again!