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Big Miles Done

March 06, 2008 - Pete and Harry

Big Miles Done! (Well for now anyway)

Its a couple of weeks since we wrote so lots of updating to do. The weekend saw the end of our big block of running for a couple of weeks we both had a really good block of work and in a strangely sadistic way are already missing the big sessions. Average for myself (Pete) over the last 8 weeks has been about 90 miles with an easier week in the middle while Harrys been going for the - If you cant go fast, go long approach and hit 110 for the last three weeks. Its only been 4 days since the big miles finished but some very strange things have happened since then!

  1. I can actually feel my legs
  2. Ive been seen out on my bike on two consecutive days
  3. The profits of Morrisons Garage in Tavistock have halved since we stopped running home on a Tuesday and Thursday. All those at Tavi AC should understand this but it relates to our addiction to 39p bags of sweets (3 for a quid!) and Coca Cola after a long, hard session with a 6 mile run home to follow.

Morrisons will be pleased to know weve only called a temporary halt to big mileage in the lead up to Eastleigh 10k on March 16th. The start list came through yesterday and its pretty stacked with 30-32 minute runners which is ideal for fast times and a great race. In the lead up to that it will be a couple of short fast sessions mixed in with some easy, shorter runs to keep the mileage reasonable. We had 8x4 min (1 min rec) at Tavi AC on Tuesday which was a great race pace session and set us up nicely.

Away from the training Harrys been setting up the South West Triathlon Talent Academy and is currently drowning in a sea of application forms. Ive ordered him not to select anyone who might potentially beat us ever!! There are certainly some talented youngsters out there; fortunately they mainly seem to be girls.

I also picked up a new pair of Trainers from Brooks called "Ghosts" how cool is that! Hopefully Ill be so fast no one will see me! Look out for them in shops soon.