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How to tone up your body while running

August 12, 2013 - City Runs

Many people are turning to running to help them get the body they have always desired, because it’s such a cheap and easy form of exercise.

Running can be a great way to lose weight - you can find out approximately how many calories you burn each time using this Runner’s World tool - and to improve fitness.

However, this form of exercise is not just a great way to burn fat: it can also help you to get toned so you can get that beach body you’ve always dreamed of.

In order to get optimal results, it’s best to combine the traditional run with some other techniques that will help you get leaner and achieve firmer muscles.

One of the newest technologies you can take advantage of is toning trainers, which are specially designed to maximise the benefits running has on your legs and buttocks without any extra effort.

Retailers like Brantano stock sports shoes from a range of reputable brands, meaning you can easily find a pair that is both functional and stylish.

pair of Skechers Run Tone Ups trainers is lightweight and offers fantastic support to your feet, meaning that you can improve your physique and fitness in comfort.

You can also get leaner muscles through running, by making sure to vary the types of run you take - changing up distances, the amount of hills and your speed will all work wonders.

There is also the option to take along dumbbells with you during training, taking the opportunity to firm up your arm muscles with curls while on the move. Even a couple of one-kilogram weights will have a huge impact on your results.

You can also purchase wrist or ankle weights to strengthen your upper and lower body while on a run without the need to worry about specific techniques. Make sure to start off with small weights and work your way up gradually to reduce the risk of injury.