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February 03, 2012 - Irwin Mitchell

When encountered with a pressing legal issue its difficult to know which way to turn, facing a minefield of legal jargon and competing interests. We make often look for the dependability and safety of the larger law firms due to their demonstrable experience, but don't want to travel far to receive their help, making Irwin Mitchell Leicester one of the most highly rated and popular in the area as with Irwin Mitchell's other regional departments across the UK.

Legal advice needs to be reliable, accurate and straight forward when it comes to the client. Irwin Mitchell Leicester understands all of your needs and sensitivities and their diverse team of specialist can relay information tailored to your specific case in the most effective manner.

Irwin Mitchell across the UK employs over 2,100 workers ranging from lawyers to professionals in distinct fields such as Police and medical workers. They have over 113 partners and over 900 associates. This illustrates a broad knowledge base from which to glean expertise.

Irwin Mitchell law firm Leicester is, importantly, a ‘full service’ law firm in the Leicester area which can deliver advice to business or the individual with equal skill. Most of us will come into contact with legal advice at some point in our lives and the likelihood is it may be with a company such as Irwin Mitchell Leicester, or another regional office elsewhere in the UK, who could draw up our wills, sell our houses, make a compensation claim on our behalf, or offer us advice on employment law amongst other things.
Their success as a company is based largely on their ability to move with the times – particularly important in the world of law. At the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards, Irwin Mitchell won the title for Corporate Strategy in 2011 and came 3rd in the Industry Pioneers Category. This illustrates a proven ability to adapt their business with the customer in mind and proves how in tune they are with the mechanics of the law.

The reassurance of being represented by a firm with long industry experience is unquestionable, and with one hundred years in the industry, Irwin Mitchell offers just this. Over one million customers have sought their advice throughout the years.

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