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January 15, 2009 - Pete and Harry

First things first, yes we are still alive, we've just been cr*p at updating this recently! A couple of heavy crashes at the end of the Triathlon season dampened our enthusiasm for blogging for a while but we've been back in working order for a while now and have just been plain lazy since then. Just to bring you up to speed, here is our last 5 months in 186 words:

Return from Hamburg World Cup via night in Hamburg Airport, receive new team kit, crash bikes at 30mph in new team kit, write off new kit, Fly to French Grand Prix - Pete Crashes, Harry limps round run, get abused by French team manager, endure 30 hour trip back with road rash (Pete) and a (near) broken leg (Harry), sulk! Train once before London Tri, swim well, bike well, run rubbish, sulk! Go to last FGP needing to win to get promoted, win race but think we still didn't get promoted, sulk for 5 minutes, realise we got promoted, celebrate! Return home, train lots, Win Peter Tavy Plod (Harry), finish 9th team in the Coupe De France, get drunk, do nothing for 2 weeks, return to training by racing Westward league, blow my (Pete) doors off badly and get overtaken by everyone, train lots, win Tavy 7 (Harry), run 31.12 at Brighton (Pete), train even more, run 30.37 at Telford (Pete), Eat lots over Christmas, run 32.15 at Poole (Harry), go running at 7am on New Years Day, Get told to chop chop and do a blog!!!!

All in all a busy and quite eventful few months. The highlights being getting promoted and running fast at Telford, the lows mainly revolve around crashing and not being able to perform to our ability at London after focusing on the race.

Winter training has been back in full swing for nearly 3 months now with the focus again being mainly on running. A couple of years ago running 30 minutes for 10k seemed along way off but it's surprising what consistent, hard training can do. Now that goal seems very realistic. Obviously as your times come down it gets harder and harder to improve and you often go long periods of time without recording a PB. It's important not to panic and believe that you are doing the right training, keep doing it and eventually the times will drop off again.

January has so far been a relatively big month in terms of miles averaging about 80 miles per week with 4-5 swims and a couple of bikes added in there. We've also spent a lot of time focusing on our core strength nothing complicated, just one circuits session and two med ball sessions a week to make sure we can hold it together for the last 3-4k in a race. The only race planned in January was the Westward league at Bideford which Pete managed to win relatively easily while Harry was on his Sick bed. Nothing coming up now until the 3k in February where hopefully we'll be running Fast!!