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London Marathon - part 10

April 24, 2009 - Lara Wadey

What an emotional topsy-turvy week it has been, both for me and all those around me!

Last week I described taper madness. This week it kicked in.

During my training last Thursday morning, rather than return to the gym in the evening for the Body Pump & Combat (my favourite double workout of the week) with Laura, I decided to do what my body needed... REST. However before I knew it 'I had my leg cocked around a pole, about to do the best pole dance ever and my stiletto broke'. OK guys I can't lie, there was no pole, no dancing, just me crying out in agony as pain shot through my toe and foot as I tripped over my gym bag. In the words of Victor Meldrew, 'I don't believe it!'

At the gym

To my great relief the doctor confirmed that my toe was not broken. I had only sprained the joints. However, although the diagnosis was not as bad as I had feared, I found that I couldn't walk without limping. I really struggled trying to drive, and the only shoes I could get on were my flip-flops. I could not believe it... 16 weeks of training with no serious injury and with 9 days to go this happens.

I took Ibuprofen to help with the pain and swelling, strapped my foot up and adopted the famous RICE method (rest, ice, compression, and elevation).

Over the weekend I went to work on Saturday but it was painful. I enjoyed a fabulous evening at my Pre Marathon Chilli Night which my friends Colin and Amanda kindly held in their home. It was great to get everyone together to not only have fun, but also to raise money for MIND. We were elated to find that we had raised £199, so many thanks to everyone involved! And on Sunday afternoon Simon & I went to a Graham Norton audition at the BBC studio for his new show, which was an excellent experience.

By Monday morning, 72 hours after the toe incident, I was beginning to worry BIG TIME, as I wasn't improving. So I took myself back to the doctors and was told that if I was really serious about running on Sunday, I was to get off my feet and do nothing but rest, elevate my foot and apply massage lotions and potions into my foot. And I was given Codeine to ease the pain.

So that's what I did, I also took the rest of the week off work as being a Lettings Negotiator it would have meant driving and walking which would have put further stress on to my other leg. However my body didn't agree with the Codeine. It was horrid. They made me sick and useless! I wasn't even able to look after myself or Tamzin properly and it took me back as to how I used to feel years ago when on drugs. In fact, it was a good reminder as to why I had given them up. They made me feel so negative.

Within 24 hours of coming off the Codeine tablets, I started feeling myself again and decided to have a 'Wadey day' (for those who do not know, that means having a positive day). It helped having the sun out as that always makes me smile and feel positive and I was delighted to find that I was able to walk to my friend's house and back. Admittedly it was only a 10 minute walk but I did it without hobbling... but still in flop flops. I made an appointment to see Glad, my hot stone massage goddess, and plead with her to work her magic, and believe me that was painful!

If anyone believes in God or a higher power, I'm asking for your help. Please pray that I will arrive at the start line, fit, refreshed, and ready to RUN. I don't even want to think about deferring my entry to next year. For me this isn't an option!

I am so excited about the race, I know that everything will be all right on the day. After 16 weeks training, 2 pairs of trainers, energy drinks, carb gels, protein shakes, races, massages, reading, research, running plans, sponsorship forms, blogs, media and me driving everyone around me crazy ,finally The Flora London Marathon is only 2 days, 18 hours, 9 mins and 8 seconds away.

If all goes to plan I hope to finish the race between 4.00 - 4:20 hours. My running number is '41234' and I will be wearing a blue and green MIND vest with 'Lara' on the front. If you see me please shout and wave as it will be great to see anyone I know.

If you are going to be watching in person or via the TV here are the times I hope to be at the following landmarks.

Start Time 9:45am (Red start)Greenwich 10:30-11am
Tower Bridge 11:30-11:45amThe Highway (half way mark) 11:45-12:00pm
Canary Wharf 12:30-12:45pmCommercial Road 12:45-1:15pm
Embankment 1:15-1:45pmWestminster to Finish 1:45-2:15pm

This is my last blog until the Big Day, so next week I tell you how amazing my experience was.

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Lara Wadey

Lara Wadey - I started running just over 2 years ago after watching my friend Lisa run a Marathon. Inspired is the only word I can use to describe the feeling I felt when seeing her cross the finish line. I decided there and then that I was going to start running. I booked myself into a Half Marathon giving myself 6 weeks to learn how to run. I completed Bedford half marathon in 1:52 feeling very proud. I have now completed 5 half marathons and I'm ready for a new challenge.

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