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Multisport Racing

April 28, 2008 - Pete and Harry

Last weekend we thought that we should put the winter miles to the test with a bit of multisport racing, we both made our Duathlon Debuts at the National Elite Championships over the 10km run 40km bike 5km run distance. The race was in one of the Welsh valleys and the weather was a bit Bleak!!

Pete trotted around the first 10km in just over 32 minutes to put him in the front group of 4 getting onto the bike just behind Phil Wylie of Bristol and West and David Mitchinson. I had obviously left my legs in Devon and joined the boys on the bike a little later on.

Out on the 10 lap bike course people were getting a little chilly in their tri suits, and the field of 26 athletes dwindelled to 12 as each lap riders headed straight on for a warm shower rather than turning for another loop. Descending at 30 m.p.h in the rain and wind isn't the best idea when you have spent the winter trying to get skinny and on lap 8 Pete pretty much rode into the ambulance where an over enthusiastic member of the St Johns ambulance had great joy in quoting his internal temperature as 33.7.

I made it out onto the run, where the very small crowd were most impressed by what they thought were my dance moves, I would have told them that I was just shaking uncontrollably but unfortunately couldn't speak. After 1km I stopped and begged a Jumper coat and pair of gloves from one of the supporters and went on to just about complete the course thankful that I wasn't DQ'd for outside assistance, I think I was so far down they didn't care.

Well done to Phil who won His first national Elite title, Phil has been plugging away for years and really deserved his win.

As my mum would say there is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothes. Not quite sure what the next outing is yet, but we will make sure we are wearing the right clothes, or Brooks might actually kill us.