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Pete and Harry

February 18, 2008 - Pete and Harry


Hello to everyone reading this. Sorry its taken us so long to write our first blog, life as full time athletes isnt always as cushty as it seems! We will be aiming to update this every couple of weeks and hopefully give you an insight into our training, racing, eating and other random goings on in the world of triathlon!

A little bit of background before I get going! We are both full time triathletes based mainly in Devon during the winter. Neither of us is funded so the bills are paid by racing and our coaching company ( Ultimately, wed both love to go to the Olympics but thats along way away and there are a lot of steps in the process!

Anyway, onto more important things and training and racing! This winter has been spent focusing on our running and trying to reduce our 10k time. Realistically, to make a living from the sport you need to be running 30.30 off the bike and equivalent to a flat 10k of around 30 minutes and the difficult thing is how to get there! We are self coached but having spoken to a couple of decent runners/run coaches and knowing how both our bodys work big mileage was the chosen option. Most of the last couple of months have been around 85-95 miles a week, made up of 6-7 easy runs, 2-3 quality interval sessions which are incorporated into longer runs and one accelerated long run of around 15-20 miles. Basically the easy runs are very easy and the hard runs very hard!! No heart rate monitors, no funky gismos just balls out all the way!

We have added a couple of races into this to see where were at and the effects of these miles with some interesting results that seem to throw sports science out the window. Harry ran a Half Marathon in 1.19 the other week, His review of that race was unprintable unfortunately! He followed it up 2 days later with an 8.50 on the track which I am sure goes against all logic and science.

Personally my running is come on leaps and bounds over the winter. I managed an 8.40 on the track for 3k which at least shows I am heading in the right direction, however, theres still loads of room for improvement! We are heading to Eastleigh 10k in a month with the aim of running fast, so until then its just over 2 weeks of big miles to go and then a 10 day taper before judgment day!

We will keep you updated!

Pete and Harry