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Runners Can Benefit From Contact Lenses

July 19, 2012 - City Runs

Sometimes, even if you are somebody who runs daily and is passionate about exercise, running can lead to a bit of physical discomfort. Of course, this discomfort can be linked to muscle strains and other similar results of physical exertion, but for experienced runners they are sometimes a bit subtler. For example, as you likely know if you are used to frequent outdoor runs, one of the main causes of discomfort for joggers is dry or irritated eyes. When you run, particularly outside, your run the risk of sweat and debris coming into contact with your eyes, and there is also a high probability that your eyes will dry out to some extent due to air and wind coming at them as you run. This can be extremely aggravating, even if you are fully engaged in your running and exercise. So how can you minimize these discomforts to ensure that they don’t take away from your daily run?

One way that many people seek to minimize eye discomfort while running is to simply wear sunglasses. This sounds a bit cumbersome, but there are actually plenty of sunglasses designed specifically for athletic activity, which means that this could actually be a very comfortable option. It may be slightly annoying to have sweat dripping down the lenses, but on the other hand you will be protecting your eyes from the bulk of the wind resistance, as well as shielding them from the sun, and from your own sweat. Sunglasses simply make it harder for the elements to get to your eyes, and may enhance your enjoyment of your runs a great deal.

Or, if you’d like a more direct solution, you may simply want to look into wearing a different type of contact lens. These days there are many different types of lenses available, some thick, some thin, some specifically designed to keep in more moisture, etc. There is really no exact answer for which type of lens is ideal for runners, though thicker lenses do tend to stay in place better and hold in moisture more effectively, but if you simply look through a selection at Acuvue and talk to an eye doctor you may be able to figure out a set of lenses that will be perfect for you individually. In fact, if you are looking to make a switch, now may be a great time to explore your options as Acuvue happens to be offering free lenses for a 30 day period. Ultimately, the important thing is to figure out what you need to wear on your eyes to make your runs more enjoyable and more comfortable, and with today’s extensive selection of contact l enses, you should be able to do just that.