City Runs

So, 4 sleeps or 94 hours and 50 mins to go before my World record attempt!!!!

April 28, 2011 - Jamie Town

Trainings been going well, my team of support runners and raring to go but suddenly I get a bloody cold and start feeling every little twinge, hip feels sore, knee aches and shoulders are tight, otherwise I'm in great shape!!!!

I'm sure they're all psychological with time slipping away nerves are kicking in, what seemed like a good idea and an achievable challenge have replaced with what ifs???
The sudden arrival of summer weather has added to my worries as heat will definitely be unwelcome on the day but nothing I can do about it so we'll soldier on.

I did my last run in my kit last Thursday, and managed 3.1miles in under 30 mins so on that ratio I'd leave myself just over 2 hrs to run 10 miles and gain a place in the record books and beat the current record of 2 hrs 39 mins and 00 sec which has stood since March 2009.

Whatever happens I'll give it my best shot, I'll need a bit of luck but who doesn't and like I said at the beginning maybe just maybe I'll do it!!!!!

Wish me luck