City Runs

Well a few weeks have passed and the realisation of the challenge of breaking a world record has set

March 03, 2011 - Jamie Town

Trying to balance my training so that its realistic and beneficial to what I'll be doing on the day and avoiding unnecessary stress on my body to prevent injuries has been my toughest challenge.
Running wise its been going well feeling fit and strong on runs, which included a pb of 33.30 at the GWR Fulfords 5 (a 5 mile road race), which surprised me as not been doing much speed work as part of my training but pleased I'm running well.
Running with a weighted back pack has been my main form of training specifically for the event, running at a slower pace to get used to running for a longer periods and with the weight on my back and did a 12 mile run last week and felt comfortable and in a time of 2hrs 10mins ran at my target pace too.
I've also received new fire boots which I'll be racing in and have been wearing them around the fire station to break them in as well as added some insoles to add some cushioning!!
This weekend my training steps up a gear as I'll be running the Bideford half marathon with my fire tunic and breathing apparatus on, fingers crossed I'll complete it with no problems or worse injuries!!!

Whatever happens I'll keep you posted.............