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January 18, 2011 - Jamie Town

"WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT" when I say those three words aloud it brings two images to mind, the first is of elite athletes and professionals at the top their game, the best on the planet and the other is of crazy people doing stupid things that sane people wouldn't attempt!

My challenge definitely falls into the stupid things category, I will be attempting to run a half marathon (13.1 miles) in full fire kit which includes leggings,tunic,leather steel toed boots, helmet and breathing apparatus on my back!

Why, you may ask?
Well I did run the last year in full kit but finished outside the world record time, I was physically ruined and have never found anything so physically draining and tough on my body and not a feeling I ever wanted to experience again.
That was until a brief conversation with the Great West Run race director, who sewed the seed of a world record attempt in my head, and somehow an innocent trip to buy new trainers ended in me signing up to do it all again!!!!!!

Stupidity you my think and why put my body through it all again, because with the lessons I have learnt from my last attempt I'm confident I can break a World Record!
My last effort was on the back of running the London marathon and only had 6 days rest in between so started the race still fatigued and I didn't do any specific training wearing the kit and subsequently suffered, particularly my feet!

So hopefully with better preparations I can become a World Record holder along side the likes of Usain Bolt and Halle Gebrselassie.

Please read my blog to get updates on my training and preparations to become a world beater!!!!