City Runs

May 09, 2012 - City Runs

I’ve been commuting to work for 3 years now in the most wholesome of fashions. The route starts in Fulham, London, SW6 and takes me into the heart of London’s West End in about 45 minute to an hour.

The length of run is dictated by the weather in the morning, the daily schedule ahead, how ‘tip-top’ I feel when the alarm clock so rudely introduces the day. Fresh and happy faces are the norm along the Thames tow-path, through Hyde Park, along Belgravia, through Battersea Park, along Buckingham Gate, past Buckingham Palace.

In fact, whatever route I choose in the morning, the general feeling is one of a pleasant and happy refrain amongst the other bi-ped commuters I meet on the way. Put it this way, I certainly don’t get all the ‘effing and blinding’ and sharp elbows in the stomach that is so common on the London Underground!

Looking at the alternatives, well, there are solid reasons to leave behind other rotten methods of commuting for city dwellers and commuters. If you commute into a major city, then why not think about getting the overground into town and running from the mainline station you arrive at.

Forget the underground or the bus. You’ll arrive at work healthier, fitter and in a better mood. Check out here in this article for what people really think of other methods into town!

Sure, there is a big cycling movement into major cities amongst commuters and I’m all behind that. Someone else I’m sure is blogging about that, but my method is running and it suits very well.

Running to work has got me pretty fit over the last few years. Having the opportunity to combine decent exercise with my commute into work has meant that I don’t really have to add on much peripheral exercise to maintain a decent level of fitness. I don’t do it 5 times a week due to other commitments and giving the legs a rest on occasions, but I know that if I did I’d be saving extra cash and getting seriously fit!

I’m a ’30 something’ London office worker, and with most of my day sat in front of a computer I’m aware of the potential creep around the midriff! Nowadays we live such sedentary lives and not all of us have the time to fit in some meaningful exercise into our routines. The value of exercise for your physical and mental welfare is now common knowledge, and I figure I’ve found a very useful method of sticking with it: Running to work.

Through all of this I’ve gained a real interest in competitive running and maintain a rolling program of races throughout the country. (Cue shameless name dropping: meeting Gordon Ramsay at 2010 Hellrunner (photo above!)). Of course I never win any, but my run commute has made sure that I’m competitive and not struggling amongst the back markers. Although that’d be fine, too :) I’ve put this blog together as a guide for people who might be interested in running to work. If you’d like to get a bit fitter, drop Lbs, save £s and do your bit for the environment, then I hope these pages give you a nudge in the right direction. If you’d like to know about what kit to use, the logistics of running to work, a bit about weight loss and the positive effects of running and exercise on your mood and mindset, then you should find a bit in here. I’d love to hear your feedback and any tips you might have or further research that might be needed. If you’re a fellow run commuter then drop me a line with your thoughts and any tips you might have.