City Runs

Zoe’s London Marathon - part 11

April 07, 2008 - Zoe Tomlins

I'm off to the Expo today to get my race number... really excited now but the nerves are starting to show. My stomach does a somersault every time someone mentions the M word! There's really not much to say about training this week as I have been doing more resting than running! Just did 5 miles on sunday and have done a couple of 30 min jogs so far. I'm doing one more short run tomorrow then just resting until sunday. It feels a bit odd and I must admit after all the training I feel really lazy now! Still, I am planning to fully embrace the carb-loading as i do love a nice big pasta dinner-it's a good excuse to eat loads! If I am still able to get up and walk to the computer on monday I will let you know how I got on!