City Runs

Zoe’s London Marathon - part 4

February 18, 2008 - Zoe Tomlins

Started the week feeling motivated from surviving Brands Hatch, ran 3 miles on monday and 5 miles on tuesday. Must admit that thursday I skipped the official training run in favour of going out for a curry- not the heathiest of options but hey, it was Valentine's day! I did about 5 miles on friday then rested saturday in preparation for the Sussex Beacon Half Marathon on sunday.

It was a great atmosphere on Brighton beach, lots of music playing, loads of spectators and a lovely sunny day! I actually managed to fall over at mile 3 (do feel free to send video clips to You've Been Framed if you witnessed it!) but got up and finished faster than last week, in 1hr52mins, despite my bleeding knee! There is no lasting damage, apart from a slightly dented ego, and I'm pleased with the time so roll on another week of training!