City Runs

Zoe’s London Marathon - part 8

March 18, 2008 - Zoe Tomlins

Zoe and Andy

The main event of the week has definitely been the Hastings Half Marathon today! I actually ran the race with Andy from Brooks who was giving me useful tips for London, I think the pace I was running at was more like a gentle jog in the park for him but it was definitely as fast as I could go! The course was alot more hilly than Brighton, and the weather less pleasant, so I was pleased to finish in 1hr52 again! Around mile 7 I felt really tired after the long incline at the beginning, but picked up speed a bit on the last 4 miles.

Feeling glad that my achilles has stopped hurting, I took a couple of days rest at the beginning of the week and put ice on it which helped. Back on track now, next monday I'm planning to do my last long run of 20miles before the taper so hope it stops raining!