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Zoe’s London Marathon - final post

April 16, 2008 - Zoe Tomlins

Well, I can't believe it's all over!

Very happy to say I survived and finished the marathon in 4hrs29mins, one whole minute ahead of my target time! :-) I still finding it all slightly surreal when I think back over the different bits of the race. Thanks to the pouring rain I got a nice big fat blister on my foot around mile 8 but it didn't stop me enjoying myself. The kids doing high-fives and the crazy fancy-dress costumes kept my attention away from my own aches and pains (the man in the leopard print thong- you know who you are!). I have to admit by mile 23 once it started to hail I was really finding it hard work, despite what everyone says, even if you've done a 20mile run in training, those last 6 are a killer! Still, I did manage to avoid hitting the wall, thanks to all the Lucozade, even if I suffered mentally in the last few miles. As I sped up along the last 200m with Savage Garden's 'Affirmation' blaring out from the speakers (corny but fabulous!) it was definitely worth it. I'm having trouble leaving my flat now as I have to hobble down 3 flights of stairs squealing in pain but I've just entered next year's ballot so watch this space!