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Zoe’s London Marathon - intro

February 01, 2008 - Zoe Tomlins

I started running seriously this summer and decided to set my sights high and aim for the ultimate goal... the London Marathon. I used to be a really keen runner when I was at school, I loved athletics and represented my school a couple of times in the 800m and cross country. My running since then had become a bit sporadic (what with university and the inevitable lure of beer and takeaways!) but I guess running a marathon had always been one of those dreams in the back of my mind. It wasn't until I started reading up on how to enter and what the training involved that I got really determined to do it.

I am running the marathon for the Samaritans, a charity which I have supported here in Canterbury for a couple of years now. The fundraising is proving almost as challenging as the running so I'm glad I'm running for a charity I really believe in and support. I have found that training for a marathon does seem to take up every spare minute of my life, whether it's running or fundraising, and it can be hard to go out and train after a full day at work.. However I do work as a chocolatier so it's the perfect way to burn off the extra calories from all the chocolate tasting I have to do! It's a hard life! :-)

Zoe at Hastings half marathon

I have joined the Canterbury Womens Running network which is great, they are a fabulous bunch of ladies and it feels safer and definitely makes me more motivated to go running on the dark and cold evenings! I do most of my running around Canterbury city centre in the week, and go further into the countryside at the weekends for my longer runs. I run about four times a week, and am up to 13 miles on my long run now. Yesterday I completed the Barretts Canterbury 10 mile in 1hr26mins which I was pretty chuffed with! My aim for London is to complete the marathon in 4hrs30mins (or less if possible!) and to run the whole way round! I really don't want to stop and walk! Between now and April 13th I am running the Brands Hatch half marathon, Sussex Beacon Half Marathon and the Brooks Hastings half marathon. Brooks have been helping me out with some great new running kit and shoes, and are giving me some coaching at the Hastings half which I think will be invaluable!