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Oxford Town and Gown 10K

January 27, 2014 - City Runs

The Oxford Town and Gown has been voted one of the best road races in the UK, the event gives entrants the unique opportunity to run through the closed streets of Oxford city centre, passing historic sites … Read more →

Build your stamina with hill walking

If you’re a novice city runner, it can be pretty uninspiring when you first take to the pavements. Decking yourself out in your newly acquired running gear and heading out for that long intensive run, only to find yourself bent double and gasping for breath ten minutes in, is enough to make you think … Read more →

Marathons vs. Triathlons

When you’re trying to decide on an event, you may have asked:“What is the difference between a marathon and a triathlon?” You were probably greeted with the obvious response, stating thatamarathon involves running, whereas a triathlon involves running, swimming and cycling.While this is … Read more →

Favourite Runs - Charlotte Purdue, GB Athlete

Favourite place to run   Running is arguably one of the best ways to exercise as it can be done pretty much anywhere. If you go on holiday on the other side of the world all you need is your running shoes and you can explore. Running is a great way to get out an explore, you will more than likely … Read more →