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Running Safely

Running Safely

Unfortunately there are some unavoidable risks in going out running whether it is on a City Runs route or anywhere else, therefore please take care and keep these risks to an absolute minimum.

Below are a number of key points on how to stay keep safe while out running:

  • Be aware of traffic and pedestrians – if you are forced to run on the road then run facing the oncoming traffic
  • Be seen! Wear bright/reflective clothing
  • Be careful if you run with headphones as you are unlikely to hear what is happening in your surroundings (try just using one headphone)
  • Tell someone where you are going to run and how long you anticipate you will be out for
  • Carry identification
  • Take a small amount of money along with you in case of emergency
  • Where possible run with someone else or with a group, if you have to run on your own taking a personal safety alarm with you can be a good idea
  • Be very careful if you have to run on your own, chose a route that there will be other people around and take a mobile phone with you just in case
  • Displaying expensive equipment such as an i-pod can potentially attract unwanted attention from thieves
  • If it’s your first time running a particular route then print off a copy of the route map and take it with you
  • It can be a good idea to carry a waterproof/windproof jacket with you in the winter; this can be carried in a small bum bag very easily
  • Never run when you are suffering from illness or infection, once recovered build running back up gradually
  • Make sure you are well hydrated before you head out on a run, for longer runs it is a good idea to carry water with you

City Runs provides advice on good places to run in various locations but all running done at these locations is done entirely at the individual’s risk. City Runs can take no responsibility for any accident, loss or injury that may occur from using a City Runs route