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Half Marathon Training

  • Advanced Half Marathon Plan

    Sub 1.5 hour training plan I am assuming that the advanced runner will run at least 5 times per week. They should also have completed a number of races and be looking to reduce an existing time for an … Read more →

  • Intermediate Half Marathon Plan

    Sub 2 hour half marathon I am assuming that the intermediate runner will run at least 4 times per week. . The subjects of interval training and hill training are covered in articles. A Tempo run is a fast … Read more →

  • Beginners Half Marathon

    Sub 2 hour 20 half marathon Ideally you should have completed the 12 week 10k beginner programme before starting this programme or be capable of a 60 min 10k. It is not ideal to try a half marathon as … Read more →

  • Half Marathon Training Schedule

    Beginners Half Marathon Training Schedule Before beginning to train for a half marathon one should have completed the 10 week 10km training programme or have recently completed a 10km race in a … Read more →