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Favourite Runs - Charlotte Purdue, GB Athlete

October 22, 2013 - City Runs

Favourite place to run


Running is arguably one of the best ways to exercise as it can be done pretty much anywhere. If you go on holiday on the other side of the world all you need is your running shoes and you can explore. Running is a great way to get out an explore, you will more than likely get lost but isn’t that all part of the fun?!


This week, when I was out running I was thinking about all the places I have been lucky enough to run, and out of these which were my favorite’s. Here is a list of all the places I have ran:


San Francisco: The park’s in this city are beautiful. Before the Stanford track meeting I was able to run around a park filled with huge Red Wood tree’s, here is a photo of me and Steph mid run


Richmond Park: One of London’s biggest parks. Great for training, although I nearly always get lost running around here. I have done many a long run around Richmond Park as it’s huge so you can never get bored of running around the same place twice.


Aldershot: The place where I do the majority of my training runs, and where the magic happens :) . It is here where my club Aldershot, Farnham and District meet to train 4 times a week. There are SO many places to run. The army base provides loads of different running terrains – tank tracks, canal, grass, woodland, hills, mud!




Fleet Pond: Another place where I spend a lot of time training. The group at Aldershot often venture down to Fleet pond to do our long run as it’s flat and provides a great place to run. Although its a nightmare as it often attracts a lot of dog walker’s too, dodge the dog!


Virginia Water: For those who don’t know Virginia Water is a lake which is just by Windsor Great Park in Berkshire. I don’t often get to run around here as it’s about 40 min drive away from where I live, but it’s a great place to run and was one of the venue’s for the Harry Potter filming :) .


Wollaton Park, Nottingham: This park was home to the Inter County Cross Country Championships which I competed in many times. I loved racing at this park and would say that it was one of my favorite cross country courses in the UK.


Kenya: Iten – I went high altitude training here and it was awesome waking up in the morning and seeing so many people out running – you were never stuck of a training partner, even at 8000ft!


Font Romeu – also another beautiful place to run and train. Although I have to admit that my knees weren’t too keen on the rough and hilly trails!



Bushy Park: I love running around here as it’s always beautiful at any time of the year. During my time studying at St Mary’s I did the majority of my training run’s around here. Another bonus is that it is completely flat…which is a runner’s legs dream, especially when doing a recovery run! Its perfect for fast tempo session’s and I still do at least 2 of my training run’s per week around here.



When I was in Florida, running around the Disney Park: I would love to go back and run in the Disney World Marathon that they hold there every year. No medal collection is complete without a Micky Mouse medal!

Hook! My home town – not the greatest place to run – due to the lack of running trails, but I have grown up running around the road’s in Hook. There are various fields which you can venture onto linking Hook to the small village of Rotherwick and of course there is the Basingstoke canal.


So there you have a small collection of my favorite places to run. I have run in other countries such as Japan, Jordan, Spain, Belgium, Portugal but those are just a few of my faves.

places I would love to go and run include:

Central Park in NYC – I have been to NYC twice but was on my rest week so never got a chance to run!

Miami Beach – I would live to run here! And rollerblade :)

Colorado – I would love to go here and train

Canada – Another place I would love to go and of course run.

Australia – I’ve always wanted to run on the other side of the world!


Upon writing this blog I also had a thought about Park Run’s – these are awesome way’s to get out and run in loads of different park’s around the country. I have run the Bushy Park run a few times. Its really easy, you register via the website, print out your barcode and then just turn up and run. It’s free and it is EVERY saturday at 9am! All levels are welcome and no previous registration is necessary. As long as you hand in your bar code at the end of the run you will be recorded on the Park Run results. Find a Park Run near you via the website…


Another website I stumbled across is… which I found really interesting for finding maps of the major park’s in London.


What are your favorite places to run or train?


Charlotte :)