Race FAQ’s

 1.       AFFILIATION: We are an affiliated to England Athletics as a race promoter, we will follow rules and guideline set out by the governing body UK Athletics (unless otherwise stated)  http://www.uka.org.uk/competitions/rules/ We will constantly seek to evolve and improve our events by monitoring best practice set out by England Atheltics, UK Athletics and Run Britain.

2.       APPEALS: Any appeals or queries should be done in writing via website contact form. We are a very small team, but we will seek to respond as quickly as possible, applying a common-sense approach! If it is a complex query around race rules we may need to take advice/guidance from the governing body, which will take additional time.

3.       RACE TIMING: We take race timing and the accuracy very seriously and we will always seek to provide high quality results. Please note the finish clock is only a guide and not the master clock used for results - As per UKA rule 165.24 finish times will always be rounded up to the nearest full second. Where possible we will make results available for the Power of 10 and Run Britain Rankings.

4.       RACE NUMBERS: Should always be pinned on a runners front/top so clearly visible and not folded, failing to do this may result in you not appearing in results. Medical details should always be filled in on the reverse of number.

5.       RESULTS / PRIZES: As per point 3. We will seek to provide accurate result for prize giving, prize categories will vary and be specific the individual race. We will follow UK Athletics guidelines on runners’ categories, unless we state otherwise.

6.       PERSONAL ENTRY DETAILS:  Initially we will take all details supplied at point of entry in good faith. If a runner wishes not to disclose age or gender, this fine we will not disclose on results but person will not be eligible for a prize.

7.       INCLUSIVITY: We are committed to providing inclusive events and making ALL members of the running community feel welcome, we will constantly look to evolve and develop this with our events.

8.       ENTRY TRANSFERS: For some races we will we allow ‘pre race official transfer’, all information regarding how to do will be on the individual race webpage. Non official number swaps are strictly prohibited at all our events, as this causes us healthy and safety issues and also specifically can impact prize giving.

9.       MEDICAL CONDITIONS: Runners with any significant medical conditions should be make us the race organiser aware in advance of the race

10.   MININMUM AGE TO ENTER RACES: The age groups covered by UK Athletics rules also link to maximum distances that may be run, they are;

Age Maximum Distance

·         Over 11 – Under 13 5,000 metres

·         Over 13 – Under 15 6,000 metres

·         Aged 15 years 10,000 metres

·         Aged 16 years 15,000 metres

·         Aged 17 years 25,000 metres

·         Over 18 – Under 20 Marathon

·         NOTE: UK Athletics Rules do not specifically cater for athletes under the age of 11 years. This does not stop organisers providing competitions for athletes younger than 11 years, with correspondingly reduced distances to be run. It is therefore recommended that where entrants are under the age of 11 years the distance should be between 1km and 3km.

11.   HEADPHONES: We prefer runners not to wear headphones in our races so they can hear marshals’ instructions and be aware of other runners/members of the public. The bone conducting headphones are ok to run with.

12.   RACE CANCELLATION: See specific policy: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5a1c524a6f4ca3e5e9a8e1fc/t/5a746a5a41920292403c2db0/1517578844152/refund_cancel_policy2015.pdf

Please be aware we are a small team and while we will always endeavour to keep the ‘show on the road’ at all times, something freak could happen that would force us to cancel and event at the last minute, but this would always be an absolute last resort.

13.   COURSE MEASURMENT: On applicable races i.e. specific distance road races, we will take course accuracy very seriously and a independent course measurement take place, with subsequesnt certification. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure the measured route is run on the day. See further information on course measurment and issues regarding GPS measuring.

14.   COURSE MARKING:  We will always endeavour to ensure races routes are well marked (including making general public aware) and marshalled, runners must take responsibility for sticking to the route and being aware and courteous to the general public.

15.   SUSTAINABILITY: We always seek to make our events as environmentally sustainable as possible; we will try to follow best practice set out by Run Britain.

16.   EVENT CREW, VOLUNTEERS, OFFICIALS: Simply they are legends and the races wouldn’t happen without them, so please respect them and the decisions they make.

17.   GRASS ROUTES: We are committed to support grass routes sport and we will make some free places available at all of our races to people in the community who support grass roots running, see ‘Grass Roots’ page for further details.

18.   FACILLITIES: We will do our best to provide adequate facilities at our races, this will be dictated by what is available at the site, therefore maybe basic.

19.   SUPPLIERS: We will always seek to use respectable and reliable suppliers for our events to reduce the chances of us being let down.

20.   DUTY CARE: We have a duty of care to all our participants and we are committed to this. Participants also have a duty of care to themselves, so please respect the race and distance.

21.   RUNNING PRAMS: We will allow runners to push a child in a pram at some of our events, please contact us for further details

22.   DOGS AND CYLES: No running with dogs or accompanying cycles are allowed as they are not covered by our insurance.

23.   PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: By entering any or our events you are giving permission for us to use any videos or photos with you in.